Working process

The Fun Begins

After an initial consultation, you'll receive an onboarding guide with all of the tools and information you'll need for us to get started. The result at the end of onboarding will be a well-crafted marketing playbook and gap analysis that together serves as a foundation for marketing strategies and a roadmap for business growth.

Project Kickoff

This is the time when we outline the step-by-step development process—including the review and approval process—and ensure each team member clearly understands his or her role. This is also the time when action items are assigned and the project officially launches into high gear!

Putting It All Together

Your goals are my goals, and now, the next phase begins: achieving results. The only thing left before getting started is deciding where to begin. I typically recommend the initiatives that have the biggest short-term impact, and together, we plan out the next 30 days of activity.


Mission accomplished!

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Jolene Rheault is an engaging, intelligent, and profoundly relevant digital marketer, content creator, and social media manager who has begun to explode onto the marketing scene.