Achieving a Greater Reach With Public Relations

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Public relations is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies available, and yet one of the least understood. It is no wonder that many small businesses have admitted the need for a public relations strategy, but do not know where to begin. Whether business owners face financial, logistical, or educational obstacles, the problem is a real one for most small businesses.

Small and medium sized businesses (or SMB for short) are the backbones of America. While their products and services might be unique and specialized, their marketing strategies can leave much to be desired. Many small businesses cannot afford to hire a dedicated staff member, consultant, or agency to handle their marketing efforts and so they take it on themselves. Those businesses who do have a marketing strategy in place may not realize how different public relations and general marketing are. Some businesses are able to easily implement a public relations strategy successfully; however, the majority could use a little bit of help or a push in the right direction.  

The educational content surrounding public relations strategy development available online and in print is limited, if not non-existent. Some business owners pick up their marketing skills by doing a Google search for how-to guides that will guide them through the steps to create a cohesive public relations strategy. There are thousands of video tutorials on social media management, guides on content marketing, and so forth. All of these tutorials and guides are centered around general marketing strategies and not public relations strategies. There is a real need for a guide on how to put basic public relation strategies into place, manage them, and optimize them.   

This guide has been broken down into digestible pieces in four identified areas of public relations: press releases, social media, community relations, and media relations, that correlate strongly with producing a return on investment. 

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